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Mobile ads with Facebook: Retail’s new storefront-Service One Marketing Cambodia

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The mobile revolution has upended shopping in real life. The journey from product research and discovery to purchase is now a matter of a few taps. Click-through has become the new footfall.

With this evolution in shopping behaviour, retailers need to adapt to make the best of digital. Read our insights into mobile shopping habits and discover how to drive people into your store, both online and offline.

More than the store

Ecommerce across Asia Pacific (APAC) is surging, shaking up the offline-only store model. Online shopping is forecast to make up almost 23% of all retail sales in APAC by 2020 – an increase from 12% in 2016 – while traditional retail sales is predicted to grow only 7% in the same period.1

The distinction between online and offline shopping is also blurring. Research shows people use mobile while in bricks-and-mortar stores to research products, compare prices and download coupons . To thrive, retailers should consider using digital elements to make the shopping experience more convenient and exciting, be it a basic ecommerce app to complement in-store shopping, or an advanced AR/VR experience.

Shopping, disrupted with mobile

With mobile typically the first screen consumers use to shop, retail businesses need to become mobile-first. Data shows 56% of APAC’s internet users visited an online retail site or store via mobile in Q1 2017, up from 44% the year before2. Brands need to develop 360-degree marketing campaigns from product discovery through to sales and cross-selling on mobile.


The rise of video merchandising

The appeal of video is stronger than ever. There has been an explosive growth in mobile video as content consumption has become more visually focused. Asia-Pacific is no different. Approximately 25% of people across APAC consume video on mobile3. In some cases, video ads can be the best way to deliver your message. Videos allow you to showcase products from different angles or in motion, build brand love through compelling storytelling, or invite consumers into your store by highlighting in-store benefits such as special events or discount offers.

Facebook Solutions retailers can’t afford to miss

To grow your business, you need to reach people where they spend most of their time – on mobile. Consider these tips to easily target the right people with personalised ads and drive your business forward.


  • Bring your story to life with Instagram Stories. Showcase your latest promotions, product launches and exclusive experiences in full-screen, immersive photos or short videos in the Instagram app.
  • Use Facebook video ads to get your brand noticed. Capture attention early by ensuring your logo, images and messaging appear in the first three seconds.
  • Video ads can drive strong performance. A fashion e-commerce company, Zalora, saw a 33% lower cost per app order after adding motion elements to its always-on performance ads in the Philippines.