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Global Internet leader Google finally brings its cameras into Cambodia for its photo-collecting project in Southeast Asia.

Google Maps, with Street View, opens a window to the world’s streets thanks to 360-degree images previously collected. More than only streets, you also can discover amazing places and even travel million miles in one-click to contemplate wonders of nature. You can also virtually step into restaurants or small companies.

Cambodia is the 51st country to welcome Street View, and the 8th Asian country after Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong. In Cambodia, Ministry of Tourism recently gave Google permission to take millions of pictures across the country. From now, Google’s 3 SUV carrying 360-degree panoramic cameras can be seen driving in Phnom Penh and around the Angkor temples in Siem Reap.

Google and the government both believe this project will contribute to a stronger cultural influence and a growing attendance of tourists in Cambodia. Few photos from Cambodia are already available on Google Street View :


In Cambodia, Google can rely on government and Apsara Authority, which supervise Angkor Wat, to achieve this major project. Also, Google recently corrected some features by developing a technology that blurs faces and vehicle plates, solving in this way some privacy and security issues. Since then, more countries are willing to welcome the Street View project, all the more as some consider it can be a good opportunity to increase awareness of their own countries across the world.

Google admitted that taking photos in Cambodia wouldn’t be an easy task. The main reason of it would come from the unstable weather. Indeed rain, fog, sunlight and humidity can affect photographic records, and Street View’s popularity strongly relies on the pictures quality.

But anyway, through this collaboration with Google, Cambodian people will be able to showcase their amazing culture and keep a virtual record of so many beautiful places!