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Importance of Outdoor LED Screen in today’s world-Service One Marketing in Phnom Penh

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In this extremely technologically advanced world, it is becoming difficult for many businesses to cop up. That’s due to growing competition and increasing use of technology that makes manual work quick and consumes less time. Outdoor LED Screen is one example of growing competition, where people want to stand out. Traditional hoardings, banners etc are the usual mediums of advertising. But introduction of SMD LED Screens has taken advertising to a whole new level.


With increase in sales due to these advertisements, standard of outdoor advertising has raised. It is one of the most popular tools of advertising today and is gaining momentum in the gulf countries. Many corporates have started using digital signage corporate communications for making their official communications look more professional. These have helped in having a great atmosphere at a corporate connect and has helped in conducting meetings in a better atmosphere with better communication possibilities. Similarly, business have started making use of digital advertising players that not only help in attracting viewers’ attention, but also work wonders in creating an extra ordinary brand image.






Advertising plays a great role in revenue generation and maintaining a brand image that helps you sell. Any business needs to have a trustworthy character for people to buy their products and services. Companies that offer innovative mediums of advertising have flourished as businesses do need something new for promoting their business and they spend money on that. Any money spent on advertising is an investment in the long run. One need not spend on advertising thinking about its return in numbers. Advertising is measured in terms of brand value, brand image, brand identity and brand recall that works great if advertised well. Basically, making a brand out of a business is one of the reasons why advertising is important.


Video Wall rental, interactive kiosks on rent are few such tools that businesses hire on rent in order to promote their business outdoors. Any kind of businesses that reaches is potential customers is said to have done good advertisement. What matters the most is that the brand needs to retain the value that it has generated through advertisement by providing services as promised and working towards improving and updating business services and products. Digital signage advertisement not only helps a business flourish in the market but also makes a way for potential customers to start trusting your brand and adds up a factor of reliability to your brand