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What is online shopping in cambodia,Impact and future of online shopping in Cambodia.

online shopping in cambodia? If you want to buy something, the store is not an option.Online shopping is another new option in Cambodia.

Internet in Cambodia is the rapidest growing media during the past decade. Especially, online shopping is a rapidly growing e-commerce area. Forrester Research forecasts that online retail trade will be about $217.8 billion by 2007 and account for 8% of total retail. ComScore Networks reported that for the year 2001, domestic online sales totaled more than $53 billion. This figure shows a growth rate of about 20% compared to the year 2000.

According to Arbitron/Edison Media Research (2002), the number of consumers who purchase online is growing sharply. 40% of all Americans have ever purchased goods or services on the Web. Average amount spent online in last one year was about $658 and 56% of Internet users have made a purchase online.

According to annual Internet survey of WHICHonline, 15% of British Internet users visit online shopping sites most frequently and 14% regularly use Internet for online shopping. This survey suggests that book is the most popular item on the Internet and Flights/Holidays is the second popular item.

To promote online shopping in Cambodia is not only through Facebook,
Instead, we must arrange professional marketing solutions through more professional online advertising agencies

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