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Digital marketing gets a lot of attention these days, Even so, many local business owners still prefer to use banners, posters, and billboards to attract their target audience.

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There are a lot of reasons why outdoor advertising– (indoor advertising) is cost-effective. To begin with, not everyone is searching for information online. Some people still respond better to traditional advertising methods – especially older audiences. You might miss out on potential customers if you only use one marketing channel.

Another reason is that you want to maintain your presence in the local community. As a new business, it’s a good idea to start by appealing to local audiences and building a loyal following. When you go online, you may reach a lot of people, but they are not necessarily the potential buyers of what you sell.


Here are three important considerations when buying outdoor advertising space for your business.

1. The location of your ad

The place where you will hang the banners or posters must be perfect. You can’t expect people to know about your business if you display your ads in areas where no one can see them. You must consider both foot and vehicle traffic.


Of course, areas that are more visible to the public are more expensive. If it is too much, you might have to consider whether other marketing methods might deliver better results.

2. The size and the viewing distance

The size of your ads needs to be appropriate. If you are targeting foot traffic, your ad can be a bit smaller, as long as it’s eye-catching. People who are interested will stop to read more information.

If you are targeting people driving by, you need a larger space and an eye-catching, concise message. In just a few seconds, the audience will need to get a good impression of what you’re selling, your business name, and how they can find you.