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Social media includes online communication channels where you can interact with your customers and share information in real time. These channels can help you reach your present and potential customers, create online communities and sell and promote your products and services.


Why use social media for your business

Social media can help you engage with your customers, generate conversation and find out what people are saying about your brand and business.

Not all social media platforms will be right for your business. You can save time and effort by using social media tools that your customers use.

Benefits of social media

Here are some benefit that will help your business:

Create your social media strategy

By developing your social media strategy you’re able to:

  • create compelling content
  • engage with your customers at the right time
  • generate sales.

A social media strategy describes how your business will use social media to achieve its communications aims and the social platforms and tools to achieve this. Don’t over overwhelm your customers with unnecessary posts. Remain focused on reaching your specific goals and tailor your messages around these.