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4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO Is Done Right-3-Service One Marketing in Phnom Penh

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4 – Be vigilant during a redesign

A redesign can be a dangerous time for the SEO value of a website. A website redesign that’s done without the input of a search expert puts the company at risk of losing much of the SEO value it’s spent years building. Not realizing this, many companies waltz blindly into a redesign, only discovering their error when their organic traffic takes a nosedive.

Before you begin the redesign process, you should crawl your site to come up with a view of the current site, including all the pages on the site and relevant information associated with them (eg; current rankings, existing title tags). Are any of these pages outdated or redundant? If so, where can they be redirected in your new architecture? Which of the current site pages rank highly for your target keywords? Comb through all of your content to make sure that none of it gets left behind in the redesign – it’s essential that high value content is maintained on the new site. If you’re changing URL structure make sure to do a redirect map and have redirects in place at the time the new site goes live.

Many companies aren’t aware of the extent to which design influences SEO. They’ll spend all their time to trying to create content that attracts links and social shares, and never think about the fact that their content is barely readable on mobile, or that pages buried deep in their site architecture have never been indexed at all. Being aware of the ways in which design and SEO are linked will help ensure your site has every opportunity to rank for the key terms and themes that matter to your business.