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A Sensible Approach to Data Protection

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Where to begin with “A Sensible approach to Data Protection”

Customer Data Protection

When someone says data protection individuals’s eyes glaze over, it’s understandable that the data protection act of 1998 is necessary not just to companies however the public in general. The Data Protection Act will however, get replaced in 2018 by GDPR.

Don’t be concerned, this article will not be going to depths on the data protection act, instead we wish to focus on what you can do to protect your data and the clients data.

This article applies to everyone in business no matter in case you are a one man band with client contact particulars held in your mobile phone, a shop owner who does or does not need to comply with PCI DSS or a multi-nationwide corporation. In case you have data about your corporation and/or your purchasers held anywhere (even on paper) then this applies to you!

First Thoughts on Security Considerations

As Microsoft Windows has developed, one of the key points that Microsoft has tried to resolve is that of security. With Windows 10 they’ve taken a leap forward in protecting your data.

Many people seem to have centered on the working of the licence for Windows 10 and what it allows Microsoft to do; removing counterfeit software etc. Is this unsuitable? After all not. Actually in case you are in business and your systems have counterfeit software you are opening your self up to data loss in a big way.

Pirated software usually has additional code in it that permits hackers to realize access to your system and subsequently your data. With Cloud Based services today, using legitimate software must be simpler than ever, after all the monthly cost of a replica of Office 365 is a pittance.

Whilst we are on Cloud Primarily based systems, it is worth remembering that unless you encrypt your data on the cloud then likelihood is it might find yourself in the flawed fingers regardless of how security aware the seller is. New hardware is already being developed that can take care of this for you, but it isn’t here but, so be warned.

We are going to come back to security a little later after we’ve looked at the extreme fines that you can incur by not taking Data Security seriously.

This is about BIG firms is not it?

No, definitely not, your companies data security is the responsibility of everyone in your company. Failing to conform will be expensive in more than just monetary terms.

Throughout this article I will drop in a few rulings from the ICO that demonstrate how vital it is to take these points seriously. This just isn’t an try to scare you, neither is it a marketing ploy of any kind; many people believe that getting “caught out” will never occur to them, in truth it can happen to anyone who would not take reasonable steps to protect their data.

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