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Draya Michele 100% knew how to put a twist on her coronavirus-related Instagram updated last night. The 35-year-old reality star and Mint Swim founder likely hit fans off-the-bat by wearing yellow rubber gloves in her photos – while the “Basketball Wives LA” alum didn’t mention the novel coronavirus by name, she was most definitely referring to it.

Draya’s post actually managed to tick boxes for a few more things. The ex to Orlando Scandrick made a super-funny reference to porn company Brazzers, she showed off her killer body, and the influencing being undertaken likely earned the star some cash.

Seen on a hallway floor Big Vs. Small and both posing and washing the surfaces on her knees, Draya was flaunting her super-sexy figure in a three-piece outfit entirely formed of leopard-prints. She wore skin-tight pants in the animal-print fabrics, plus a skimpy and bandeau bralette held together with string ties. Matching gloves rising above the elbows were covered with more household-friendly ones as Draya doused her floors in Lysol.

A caption from Draya had gone down the adult route, perhaps suggesting that she’s always had an adult movie fantasy – apparently, with a cleaning service theme. Draya’s second photo, in particular, had shown her getting down and duty as – ironically – as she kept her place germ and virus-free.