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benefits location-based marketing for business

It’s free or low-cost and highly targeted

Every time that you complete a page for your business on a location-based service , you’re getting free advertising. And even the more advanced forms of location-based marketing (eg offers) are very affordable compared to many traditional marketing methods.

Get to know your customers better

While many location-based offers are designed to attract new customers, location-based services are also a way to find out more about your customers.

User reviews will tell you exactly what your customers are thinking, while take-up rates for special offers will insights into customer preferences. For example, if you get 200 check-ins at your bookstore for one author event, and only 20 for another, It’s a good indication of how the 2 authors are trending among your customer group.

Reward exactly customers

Every marketer knows that it’s more effective to keep an existing customer than to try to win a new one.

Check-ins give you a Obviously way to identify your most honest customers and reward them with discounts (every 10th coffee free), preferential treatment (the best seat or parking spot).

Attract new customers

Location-based marketing is one of the best ways to convert foot traffic and online traffic into new customers. People who may never have heard of you, or may never have considered used your product, can be neverseparated to try your business for the first time .

Some businesses make a point of offering ‘newbie’ specials the first time a customer checks-in. Once you attract a new customer, it’s up to you to turn them into a repeat customer by offering high-quality service and products.

Attract lots of customers

Developments in social media and mobile devices mean that it’s now far easier to attract a large group to your business. Many people like to be part of a group, and like to visit places that apparent popular with others. Attracting a crowd can add a real ‘buzz’ to your business.