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While some traditional advertising media are in decline, outdoor is growing. Poster advertising is attention-grabbing, and does not require the audience to do anything to see it. You don’t have to tune in or click onto it or turn a page.

At the same time, most people regard it as less intrusive than other advertising methods. Indeed, a lot of outdoor advertising is engaging, providing colour, humour and interest.


Where to advertise outdoors

Outdoor promotion is not just about massive billboards on the side of the road. There are poster sites and sizes to suit all budgets. Your choice will be driven by how well you understand your target market.

Public transport provides opportunities to get valuable outdoor exposure for your business. Advertising spaces on buses, trains, trams, the tube, in taxis and at airports are all highly visible, and put your message in front of a captive audience. They are ideal if you are targeting business people and commuters in your area.

Outdoor advertising on the high street and in shopping centres catches your potential customers while they are in shopping mode. A good poster campaign can prompt people to buy your products there and then, especially if you are running a promotion as an incentive.

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Creative posters and outdoor campaigns

One of the key considerations for any outdoor advertising campaign is how long the audience will view the ad for. A roadside billboard has to convey its message in seconds, while other sites, such as station platforms, buses and taxis, may be studied for longer.

Distance is also a factor. Roadside posters need to be simple, with clear images and as few words as possible.

Advertisements that will be seen for longer allow you to include more information. Details of a specific promotion, a call to action and contact details can be given.

However, a simple message and a clear identity are always essential. Colours should be bold and the ad should be easily visible from a distance. Humour, strong images and wordplay will make an impact and make your message more memorable.