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It’s difficult to stay aware of the quickly changing patterns of social media and internet marketing. This is particularly valid for small business that has enough on their hands as it seems to be. Search engine optimization or SEO, is one of those terms tossed around by marketing manager to their customers, that most don’t have patience or time to understand it. For example, you may think SEO is basically characterized by your organization’s rankings on search engine such as Google or Yahoo, but it is far beyond that. SEO is the process of making websites more visible and understandable to search engine. If done correctly, search engine will understand better of what your website is about, making your website more visible to internet searchers, and eventually making your website on top of the list.

It seems simple, right? Considering of the process, it does take a great deal of diligent work to climb your way to the top, yet it is worth. Now, its time for us to discover why SEO is important.

Why is SEO Important for business?

Build brand awareness and credibility. Obviously, in the end, your marketing plan’s business objective of is to make sales, and more visits to your site could rise to more deals. On the other hand, the vast majority are under the feeling that a top search result page is just for gaining visits to your site. That is essential, yet it’s more than that. An average internet users when they using their PC to search something on internet, they don’t just type keywords or key phrases into search box and then click the first website they see. They are going to types several combinations of keywords, and the more times your website appears for every search, the more credible your website in their mind and of course will make them believe you more.

Attract relevant traffic. SEO will help your clients discover you faster. The Reasons Why You Need SEO is focused, down to minor points of interest. Utilizing keywords analysis, you can discover exactly how enormous a “market” is, what number of individuals are searching for that correct keywords or key phrases, how competitive in SERPs, and with some sharp deductive thinking, even identify the plan of the essential keywords.

Insight of your customers. When you focus on the targeted people who need your service or products, you will have the capacity to figure out what they need fast enough. Google analytic is a great tool, The information and metric are valuable that it give you insight of your customers such as geo location, behavior, what page they click, bounce rate, etc.


Notice something? It is a picture of our website appeared on page 1 of SERP, using key phrases “digital marketing services in Cambodia” as an example. Our website is a new website, domain name itself registered on 5th August 2015, and by the time we write this article, our site is already on page 1 of SERP, competing with other high page rank websites, this is the real deal! Pretty cool right?

Have a doubt?

Then why don’t you try it by yourself, using browser Chrome (that is what I am using all the time) go to Google search and type “digital marketing services cambodia” or “digital marketing solution cambodia”. What is the results? Then try type “digital marketing services in cambodia” then click our website if you found any on search result page. The number of results are vary depending on keywords or key phrases, and to search engine they are totally different keywords or key phrases, that is why the number of search results are different. Want to try more? If so, then open new tab on your browser and go to Bing (its another search engine similar to Google) and type key phrases above to see the results, then try to type your own keywords or key phrases to make sure your website is on top of SERPs. Oh by the way, search results on pc browser and mobile browser are totally different due different algorithms of search engine and based on the website itself.

I am sure by now you understand more about the power of SEO right? Its power is so great, it able to make your website rise and shine!! More visitors equal to higher conversion sales rate. And as for “how to do it” properly, we will continue that for later.