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Study Your Online Marketing

Identify the behavior of web users on your Website in Cambodia!
This approach is undoubtedly the most important of a web project.

It identifies exactly the behavior of Internet users from their queries made in the various search engines to find a service or product whit SEO keyword.

Here we must look for terms that are directly related to what the website wants to market. If this exercise is not done properly and thoroughly, we may work on terms that are never requested on the Internet or who simply do not match the markets operated by the company via the website.

In the best cases, this must be done before the purchase of the domain name and web site design

Here More Detail In Utility Of The SEO Keyword For Cambodia


Some keywords are required less time per day could be distributed in a restricted competition and increase your chances of visibility among those looking for you with more specific keywords and unknown to your direct competitors.

That is to say that it is not necessary to use high demand keywords, for example if you want to see your site in the first position quickly, a keyword requested less than once a day would be distributed in fewer pages on the Web.

If we compare a number of requests made by users amounting to 100 per day compared to 3,000 a day, we tend to put all our energy on it. By cons, it could be distributed in millions of pages, which would make more difficult a good position with this very popular keyword.

We must not underestimate yield from 100 requests per day, because after a month it still represents more than 3,000 users likely to see your site. This does not mean that we should not make the necessary efforts with the popular keyword.

As I mentioned a keyword subject of 3000 requests per day would be an ideal candidate for creating your domain name and a paid placement in Google Adword for example.

A comprehensive study of SEO keywords, to aim to verify the actual requests made by interested users in a domain business, conducive to a successful start marketing a website offering goods and services that they seek.
Good success !