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The Goal Of SEO Marketing Is Generate Targeted Traffic On Your Site.

SEO marketing is a technique that compares a product or service and a potential consumer, when it is in an active phase of research in the search engines.

For businesses with a website, SEO marketing of a website is a crucial and essential step for:

– Be visible in the top positions of search engines
– Be easily accessible
– Generate targeted traffic to your Website
– Acquire new customers
– Make money with your website

The best way to generate targeted traffic through search tools is to get a good position on targeted keywords and approved, subject to actual queries.

The difficulty arises from the search engines because they all have a methodology of their own results ranking in their databases available to the user. And if your site does not appear in top spots of a search engine, it will be invisible.

SEO marketing strategy for your website is essential, it is structured like this:

– A strategic assessment of research tools
– An analysis of actual user queries
– A professional website optimization and careful
– Track your positioning

​The maximum SEO marketing strategy should always be established to measure taking into account the objectives your company knew the Web.